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    Default Options for Receptacle for 2 Dedicated 20 amp circuit

    Hey Guys,

    I am having 2 20amp dedicated circuits put in next weekend. I wanted to know what are some good options for receptacles to use. I know there is PS Audio and thats it. Thanks

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    Hubbell hospital grade 8200I 15A version or the 8300I for 20amp power cords.They may be PS Audio's source aswell.

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    As an electrician...I say any 20A spec (hospital) grade should be fine. If you are going to run designated neutrals, there are receptacles that have a mark on them to identify that, but for home use it isn't necessary. Basically I would say any 20A would be good enough..unless you wanted to go twist-lock or something like that.
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    The PS Audio Premier takes it to a higher level.
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    I'm using some of of these and am quite happy with them.
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    When I put my system back together I plan on using some ATL new cables on recommendation from my dealer.

    Good luck,
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    Quote Originally Posted by F1nut View Post
    The PS Audio Premier takes it to a higher level.
    So there is a noticeble difference in the performance of your amps with these? I am running an adcom gfa 555 for two channel and sherwood newcastle a965 for hometheater( 2 channel is integrated in my home theater). Just want to makw sure I am getting the best sound out of both of them.

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