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Thread: MOFI Rush CD

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmckeealaska View Post
    I just got through listening to my SHM version of Heimspheres. I did a A/B comparison with my 1997 remaster. Overall I'd say there isnt a huge improvement in sound quality though there are definately differences. I demoed the song "Circumstances" mostly because its my favorite song on the album. The 1997 remaster is louder and brighter than the SHM version which I both like and dislike. The SHM however, is much cleaner. The 1997 version has always sounded like it was playing behind a cheese cloth or something while the SHM version is much more clear. That being said, I wouldnt say there is an improvement per se over the 1997 remaster and I dont think it was worth the $45 I paid for the SHM, but it does have all original album artwork and I dig the Japanese lettering on it as well and so, for a Rush fanatic like myself it was worth the purchase, though I dont see myself buying anymore...that is of course until they finally release Rush on SACD or better yet, DVD-A. If I could tell Geddy, Alex and Neal one thing it would be to plead with them to release their albums in high rez format. Either way, I'll love Rush till the day I die!
    The Mobile Fidelity issues are worth getting, if you can track 'em down without costing ya a left nut. I think they're the closest we're going to get in terms of hi-rez, for now.

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    pmckeealaska, Sorry, I just saw this thread for the first time. If you would have searched you would have seen I won the same one yo got in a Karma here. It is an Awesome cd. I have pics on here some where of the cd and all that comes with it.
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