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    Default Sub story (trust the specs? lol)

    I ordered a HSU SFT-2 sub for my small <1500 sq. foot 2.1 channel listening room (replaced my dead, beloved m&k v125). HSU web site said the SFT-2 was best for >1500 sq. feet rooms, I figured they exaggerate.

    After deciding I could not integrate it with my lsi9's (was too loud or too soft). I thought "well hell, lets see what it would sound like in my home theater room". Well, no one is ever going to pry that sub away from my theater set up. OMG I watched "The Pacific-hbo" last night and just wow!

    So I ordered the SFT-1, which is smaller (8 inch driver) for my 2.1 channel room. Then I got to worrying because it only says it goes to 32 hz. My LSI9's go pretty solidly down to 38 hz in my room.

    Well it arrived and I am truly amazed. This sub is so musical I can not believe it. Fits my small room perfectly. Well if anyone is looking for a small room sub for music ~$300 shipped the HSU SFT-1 is amazing in my opinion. Seems HSU doesn't lie about their specifications, very rare and caught me off guard. But I got a really nice new home theater sub out of it (that stf-2 goes low and fils my room).

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    Glad to hear you are enjoying your new subs. I'll have to add that one to my recommendation list. Can be hard to find a good sub for <$300 these days.

    HT Rig
    Receiver- Onkyo TX-SR806
    Mains- Polk Audio Monitor 70
    Center- Polk Audio CS2
    Surrounds- Polk Audio TSi 500's :D
    Sub- Polk Audio PSW125
    Retired- Polk Audio Monitor 40's
    T.V.- 60" Sony SXRD KDS-60A2000 LCoS
    Blu-Ray- 80 GB PS3

    2 CH rig (in progress)
    Polk Audio Monitor 10A's

    It's not that I'm insensitive, I just don't care.. :D

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    Glad to hear it about the HSU subs. I am looking to get a VTF series sub soon and am looking forward to hearing what they are capable of.
    Front - RTiA5's
    Rear - RTiA3's
    Center - CSiA4
    Sub - PSW110

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    Always nice to get a "pleasant" surprise now-a-days, instead of the more common disappointment.

    I will consider this for my smaller music room.


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