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    Default Help, Polk Monitor 70's hooked up to Yamaha Subwoofer

    Hello, This is my first post so please be patient.

    I have a home Theater system. It is comprised of a Sony Bravia 52" XBR4 LCD TV, Sony 3d BluRay, Xbox Elite and a Denon AVR-790 Surround Sound Receiver.

    All components are connected via HDMI to the Receiver and then HDMI out to the TV. The Video portion is working perfectly.

    On the audio side, I am running Polk Monitor 70's as my front speakers, Polk Monitor 40's as my rear surround and a Polk CS2 as my center, again these all work fine. I just purchased a Yamaha SW315 Subwoofer, and can not figure out how to properly connect it to the receiver.

    The Denon AVR-790 has a Subwoofer pre-out single hook-up and the Yamaha instructions say not to use this unless there are 2. In reading the manual I believe i need to connect from my Denon outputs (the Front R/L) to the Yamaha "from amplifier'" inputs R/L and then run my 2 polk speakers, again the front R/L from the Yamahas Outputs for L/R. Could any one verify this or give me some help. I am attaching a link to the Denon's set-up guide. and the Yamahas

    Thanks and i look forward to your advice

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    Default Subwoofer Hookup

    Use the single sub out on the Denon to the left or right line level input to the sub. You can buy a Y spitter, but you really do not need to.
    Set your crossover on the sub if it has one to "bypass" or turn the high frequency cut off to max and use the crossover setting on the Denon.

    If you are only using it as a HT set up, set all speakers to small and send the Lfe (low frequency effects, (bass)) to the sub at around 80 hz.

    If you want to listen to Stereo only source, set the fronts to large and no signal will be sent to the sub in stereo mode. When you switch to a multi channel format, and have the receiver set to automatically decode the source, the Lfe from the rears and center will still go to the sub.

    Hope this helps.

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