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    Question New Sub Recommendation

    I've got a Polk PSW300 sub that I received as part of the RM7300 sub/sat package. I am thinking about upgrading the sub. Does anyone have any recommendations for a new sub, Polk or other? I have the RTi70s in front, the CSi40 for a center and am currently using two RM satellites as surrounds. Also, what about surround recommendations?


    Mains: Polk RTiA3's
    Center: Polk CSi40
    Surrounds: Polk FXi30s
    Sub: SVS SB12 Plus
    Receiver: Denon AVR-3805
    DVD: Sony Sony DVP-NC800H
    TV: Panasonic TC-P46G10
    Blu-ray: Panasonic DMP-BD60K
    Entertainment Center: Standout Designs Horizon N702
    Misc: AppleTV, Technics Turntable, Linksys by Cisco WET610N Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band

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    I would recommend SVS, they have a large following here in the club, owners or not. I am not an owner, but after the rest of the system is in place, am heading straight to SVS.

    Polk just can't hit the subsonics like the more notable subs, Sunfire/ Velodyne/ SVS/ REL. Maybe the new Polk sub will reach a new level, but I don't expect anything amazing.
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    Seriously consider Velodyne.
    My 7.1 setup consists of:
    Denon 3803
    Panasonic DVD
    RTi70s front
    CSi40 front center
    RTi28s side surround
    FXi30s back surround
    PSW202 Subwoofer - Hey, it's my first sub!
    RCA 46" 4:3 RPTV

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    Depends a lot on the price point. Below $500 I still like Polk. Maybe they don't go subsonic, but there is still something to be said for how it sounds. I prefer the Polk sound, even to Velodyne.

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    SVS... It'll match even Velo's HGS Series’ performance at half the price... Doc, made a believer out of me.

    As for surrounds:
    FXi50’s or FXiLX’s for sides, and consider these plus the RTi38’s for rear. Should go nicely with your front end...
    More later,
    Vox Copuli
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    I have an Hsu VTF-2 and like it a lot.

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