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    Default Polk MMC6500 Momo Setup (Crossovers)


    Alpine CDA-9835 Head Unit
    Soundstream Van Gogh 4 X 125 watt Amp
    2 Infinity 200 watt sub systems
    2 sets Polk MMC6500 Momo component speakers


    2003 Mustang GT convertible / Had the Mach system previously so tweets are by the front left and right mirrors. Mids are by the ankles in the doors. Had professionally installed by Tweeter and I have zero knowledge how they set this system up with crossover settings etc. Rear Momos are right behind the seats in a component setup. Subs are in the trunk on each side.

    This car has been setting in suspended animation parked for four years and I never got the system completely set up on the Alpine side. I have a couple questions and observations on which I sincerely hope to get some feedback. Thank you in advance!

    1. The speakers sound fantastic, but the equalization is proving troublesome due to too many parameters and my limited brain. I have the choice on the Alpine to set up an "active crossover" using their online system to download and install on the head unit. This setting allows me to set up a 3 way or a 2 way crossover on a grid pattern (X Y Axis) with crossover frequency on the X axis and -db on the Y Axis. I can manually set the subs from 50 to 120. My questions are as follows:

    A. The Momos have their own crossover and though I did not witness their setup, I am guessing from the very strong tweeters that they are set at Zero not -3 or -6. I am basically looking at a 2 way setup with the Momo crossovers covering the entire tweet/mid components on each channel. Am I correct in thinking this? OR should I use the Alpine to split it's active crossover into 3 zones on the X axis and set the frequency cutoffs of the mid components separately from the tweeter components?

    B. I can cut off the Momos on the crossover at any frequency. I am pushing a pretty good bit of clean power through them right now and am not as much worried about clipping or distortion. I am currently using 80, but is there a better rule of thumb here?

    2. The Alpine head unit uses a parametric equalizer which is a real pain in the you know where to use. This is also on an XY Axis with frequency on the X axis and DB on the Y axis. There are five sliding points. I just want to take the "eek" off the tweets to mellow them out just a smidge. I can adjust the width of the parameters by increments of 1, 1.5, and 3. Is there any common wisdom on parametric equalizer adjustments?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am just learning here and trying to be accurate in my questions. Thanks.

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    We have a car audio section where this would probably get more hits. Post over there as this is designed more for home speakers.

    I have never used a HU with parametric EQ in my system and I'm not a big fan of them. They aren't too horrible, I'd just rather have a graphic EQ.

    The HPF is too high. Lower it to 50 and see how well they do. The momo's do very well with lower midbass. That is actually one of their strengths.

    If you can run active do it. Take the time to figure out what is safe and what isnt, and then build the knowledge from there. There is some great knowledge to be had simply by scouring through old posts in the Car forum.

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    Thanks DSkip. I will post it over there in the car audio section. I didn't see the section actually which is my bad. Thanks.

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