Systems Showcase

NAD, Energy and Polk HT

My second (now third after updating the mains to Energy RC50) attempt of a HT system after having a Denon receiver


  • NAD C316bee Integrated amplifier
  • NAD T747 Receiver
  • NAD C515Bee CD Player
  • Marantz DV4001 DVD Player
  • PS3 Slim
  • Belkin PF60 Power Conditioner
  • ADCOM GFA7605 Five channel amp


  • Panasonic Plasma TC-P46S1
  • Harmony One
  • Audioquest G-Snake and SignalCable Analog one Interconnects


  • Epik Empire Subwoofer
  • Energy CB5
  • Energy RC50 (Fronts)
  • CSi100 (center)
  • TSi100 (surrounds)
  • Velodyne DLS-4000R (Subwoofer)