Systems Showcase

Linn,Carver & PS Audio= Soundstage & Synergy

We added a pair of Linn Kaber speakers to our system and ended up with a sound that almost can't be put into words. This combo of gear presents a pin point precise sound stage which is extremely detailed not only right to left, but also front to rear. It also presents at a height which appears as though you are in row 8 at your State Theatre! A neat tid bit is all of our gear is autographed and personalized for us by Mr. Bob Carver. Somehow this odd combination of gear and cables works great together and is 100% pure magic! Just ask many of our friends who have demoed it and have since replaced their speakers with Linn's and their cables with PSAudio.


  • Carver TFM-45

CD player

  • Carver SDA-490T


  • PS Audio Statements


  • CT-28v

Source Power Control

  • A/P/C

Speaker Cables

  • PS Audio Statements


  • Linn Kaber
  • (made from ebony/non U.S. model


  • Eosone (made by Polk)