Systems Showcase

A small RTiA home theater

This home theater adventure has been a real work in progress. I started a few years ago with a Pioneer HTIB and soon after found myself wanting more. I picked up a pair of Polk T15's from BestBuy on black friday and I've been hooked ever since. The T15's are still around, now making their way to my shop rig. I never want to get rid of my first pair of Polks, even though they're not exactly high-fi. I've made lots of changes to my rig since, and I know now that no matter how good it sounds, I'll never be satisfied. More upgrades to come . .

2 Channel Integrated Amp

  • Harman Kardon HK3480


  • Pioneer Elite SC-55


  • Carver AV-505


  • Samsung 46" LCD 1080p

Power Conditioner

  • Monster HDP2400


  • xBox 360
  • ps3


  • Polk RTiA5
  • Polk CSiA6
  • FXiA6
  • RTA15TL


  • Polk PSW650 (modded)