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A Living/Growing System

My Currant System Includes; Onkyo TX NR 808, RTI-A9s mains,CSI-A6 center, Monitor 70 II Surrounds, OWM 5 Rears and PSW 505 sub. 49in.480hz.LED Monitor, Samsung Blu-ray/CD/DVD & Internet. All fed with digital audio signal by a "Hopper W/Sling". Audio signal via Toslink audio link from Dish net. w/various Dolby surround configs. to my Onkyo 7.2, SOUNDS Great (Thank you Polk!) And a very COMFORTABLE centerpiece system for my living room- I DO however need to power my A9s with something beyond my receivers 135w (a living/growing syst.) . -SO FAR SO GOOD!

Receiver; Onkyo TX NR 808



Monitor 70II



Monitor 49in.,480Hz.

Samsung Blu-Ray/CD/DVD/Internet

Dish Network Hopper w/Sling