Systems Showcase

Don's Little Corner of the Audio Universe

This is the current state of my listening systems and Home Theater. It has taken a long time to get here and will be changing up a little in the near future, but I am very close to what is perfection to me :) I will be adding pictures soon!

Home Theater

  • Onkyo TX-NR808
  • Pioneer BDP-05FD
  • Custom HTPC
  • Parasound HCA-2200II
  • Parasound HCA-2205a
  • Polk LSi9
  • Polk LSiC
  • Polk LSiFX
  • Polk LSi7
  • Dual DIY 18" TC Sounds Pro 5100 with Ferrite Magnet with Dual 18" Passive Radiators
  • DIY 18" TC Sounds LMS Ultra Sealed
  • Sharp XV-Z12000

Living Room 2 Rig

Living Room 2-Channel Rig

  • Adcom GFP-750
  • Squeezebox Touch
  • Pioneer DV-79AVi
  • Pioneer BDP-51FD
  • Parasound HCA-3500 (Upgraded)
  • SDA CRS+ (RD0-194)
  • Dual Epik Sentinel Subwoofers