Systems Showcase


What can I say? Kicking back with a glass of port and a cigar goes well with sound and vision, so my barroom doubles as my home theater. If only the glasses wouldn't rattle! Anyway, I guess I'm probably like a lot of people -- my system has evolved over the years. Except that I never throw anything away! The oldest pieces of equipment still in use date from my high school days in the 1970s.

CD Playback/Recording

  • California Audio Labs DX-1
  • JVC XLR5000 CDR
  • Technics SL-MC4 changer


  • Kenwood KD-65F turntable
  • Panamax 1000+ line conditioner
  • Niles VSA-1 tape patching
  • AKG K340 electrostatic/dynamic headphones


  • Denon AVR 3801
  • Adcom GFA-555
  • Kenwood Basic M1


  • Front L/R: Polk Monitor 10Bs
  • Center: Polk CS245
  • Subwoofer: Polk PSW450
  • Movie surrounds: Polk FXi30s (set in dipole position)
  • Music surrounds: New Advent Utility Loudspeakers
  • Surround backs: Polk RT15i
  • Living room extension speakers: Polk R40s
  • Bedroom extension speakers: Sony SS-MB105s

Tape Recorders

  • Teac DA-P20 DAT
  • JVC TD-W354 cassette dubbing deck
  • Akai GX266II reel


  • Hitachi 31-inch TV
  • Hitachi VCR
  • Sony DVP-N5700P Prog Scan DVD
  • Philips CDV 487 Laserdisc
  • JVC GR-DVM90 still/movie camera