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Current Systems / Monitor 10's

My very first foray into high-end audio was when I purchased the 'Monitor 10' speakers you see here. I believe it was around 1985 or so. This high end audio store in Northern NJ demoed a pair to me running Bryston gear, and I was utterly floored! And hooked for life! Since then, I have dabbled with other setups, both for my main system, and smaller more budget systems in other areas of the house (office, family room, etc.). My father also has a FISHER 500C with the original Telefunken tubes that he's had since the 60's, and that whetted my appetite for better sound as a kid growing up. As of late, I am very enamored of tubed amplification, having purchased a 'Little Dot' MKIII, which is a tubed headphone amp/preamp. Suffice it to say I will NEVER go back to solid state preamplification again! I am 'rediscovering' my CD/HDCD/XRCD/SACD collection! If you can get this kind of rich, sweet sound out of a budget tubed amp, I can't imagine what i'm going to hear with a $1000 or $2000 tubed preamp (Odyssey, Rogue Audio, Vincent, etc.)! That will surely be my next purchase, when I can afford it. Between my Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) hobby and this, I will never be able to retire! The obsession continues...


  • McIntosh MC162
  • Onkyo M-504
  • Sound Valves SV100
  • Pioneer SX-780
  • Little Dot MKIII head amp/preamp
  • AudioSource AMP Two


  • OPPO DV-980
  • Marantz CD-5001
  • Denon DCM-370


  • Polk Monitor 10B
  • Magnepan MG-12/QR
  • AV123 X-LS
  • JVC HLS-610
  • Magnepan MMG