Systems Showcase

Modest Home Theatre Sytem

Just bought a used entertainment center to house my components. As you can see it did not come with a TV stand so I had to make a makeshift one from my center and subs :)( wharfedale W70 for the center and a pair of Wharfedale W60s doing "sub" duty). The mains are a new to me pair of Magnaplaner MG-Is. Not shown is the rear surrounds; a pair of KLH 17s.


  • AVR - Yamaha RX-V595
  • LG Blue Ray DVD Player
  • Hitachi Hi-Fi VCR
  • Pioneer LaserDisc and 5 disc CD Player
  • Phillips HDD/DVR DVD recorder
  • Scientific Atlantic Cable / DVR box
  • BSR Equalizer / Analyzer
  • Yamaha CA-610 Integrated Amp (for Wharfedale 60 "subs")


  • Fronts - Magnaplaner MG-I
  • Center - Wharfedale W-70
  • Subs - Whafedale W-60s
  • Rear - KLH 17s


  • Sharp Aquas 60" LCD


  • United Audio / Dual 1249