Systems Showcase

10.4 HT Build

Well......not 10.4 discrete but 7.1 :) It sounded cool anyways. I started to build the room Oct of '08. Nearly completed the room April '09. I will let the pictures do the talking. I still need to work on room acoustics, cover the subs and decorations etc.

LC-70C84770U Sharp 70" 3D TV

Dual 4ft 6500k Fluorescent bulbs behind TV on X10

Onkyo TX-NR818 Receiver

Two Polk CS-350ls Centers powered by Behringer A500 Amp

Polk LS-70 Mains Power by Onkyo TX-SR706

Polk LS-90's as secondary Mains powered by Behringer A500 ampl

Polk Monitor 40s for side surrounds

Polk R50 rears

Two Gemsound EXA-3955 amps powering: Two 15" Pyle Dryver DVC Subs running at 8 Ohm

Four Aura Sound Tactile Transducers on couches powered by Onkyo M-282 amp

60gb Backwards compatible PS3, Modded 320gb Xbox for streaming, Xbox 360

Harmony 1000 Remote with PS3 controller

Panamax M5300-PM protector and conditioner

Panamax M4300-EX protector and conditioner

X-10 Lighting

Quad Core Q6600 PC with ATI HD4550 HDMI as HT PC With Asus BD-ROM drive.