Systems Showcase

Living room 6.1 set up.

Fronts: Polk M70's Center: Polk CS2 Rears: Polk M30's and a single small Onkyo from a HTIB. Will probably remove soon. Sub: Onkyo 10" from the HTIB. Will probably upgrade soon. AVR: Onkyo HT-R 520 Blu-Ray: PS3 TV: Samsung LN 52A650 Satellite: Directv HR23-700


  • Onkyo HT-R520


  • Sony PS3

Satellite Receiver

  • Directv HR23-700


  • Polk Monitor 70's
  • Polk Monitor 30's
  • Polk CS2
  • Onkyo 10" Sub
  • Onkyo rear speaker


  • Samsung LN 52A650