Systems Showcase

College kid's Budget 7.1 System

This is my budget home theater system. I'm a college kid that transferred back home with my parents. I redid their basement which was empty with equipment I'm saved up the past few years. Slowly have been upgrading components one at a time. I've made some custom posters to fit the limited space on the wall. And replaced couches and furniture with some nicer stuff then what was already there.

A/V Receiver

  • Sony DH800 7.1

Blu-Ray Player

  • PS3 80GB

CD/DVD Player

  • Sony 5 Disc Changer

Power Supply

  • Monster HTS-1600


  • Fronts- Polk RTi A3
  • Center- Polk CSi3
  • Side Surround- Polk RTi4
  • Rear Surround- Polk RM6750
  • Sub- PSW-111


  • Panasonic Plasma S1 42in