Systems Showcase

(Even More) Over The Top

The heart of the system is the Onkyo TX-8555, which drives the 40's and provides the signal to the subs. Another Onkyo TX-8555 and an M-282 drives one pair each of the 70's. This setup is stereo only, just as the good lord intended. I have another (slightly) smaller setup in the bedroom.

TV: Toshiba 46G300U
Towers: Monitor 70
Subs: PSW10
Bookshelves: Monitor 40
Main Receiver: Onkyo TX-8555
Additional Amps: Onkyo TX-8555, Onkyo M-282
CD player: Onkyo C-7030
CD changer: Onkyo DX-C390
iPod Dock: Onkyo DS-A3
Tape Deck: Onkyo TA-RW244
DVD: Onkyo DV-SP504
Turntable: Onkyo CP-101A (not pictured)