Systems Showcase

IKEA 3.1 to Dedicated Ikea 5.1 (Updated)

Finally was able to get a dedicated media room. I was originally going to sell this Polk setup and replace it with Sunfire (CRS + CRMs), but ran into some financial hiccups. Regardless, I'm really satisfied with the current SQ and don't see myself selling the Polks anytime soon. I've been playing around with the Pioneer Elite and Sunfire Cinema Seven. I have the Elite running the backs and the Sunfire running the fronts. Added a HSU ULS-15 that I've come to love. The rug is a little much, but it's comfy on the toes, so I could care less. Besides adding a larger television, I could see myself adding some more "stuff" just to mitigate the reflections.


  • Panasonic


  • BJC


  • Pioneer Elite VSX-23
  • Sunfire Cinema Seven (Amp)


  • RTi4 (bookshelf)
  • RTi8 (towers)
  • HSU ULS-15 (sub)
  • CSi3 (center)


  • 32"