Systems Showcase

WIP Home Theater for my small apartment

Upgrading from an old Philips HTIB, so I'll take some pictures as I go. When Newegg was offering Tsi500s with $125 gift cards, I jumped on four of them with a CS20 for a decent 5.1 setup in my price range. They fill my small apartment will ease. I haven't put in my LG 55LH90 yet, so the small Olevia TV looks out of place! The receiver had to be put on a separate table to the side because it runs too hot to put in the TV stand. Also have a VTF-3 Mk3 on the way that will be taking the place of that right table. In the short term, I'm going to get 2 Tsi200s for front highs to see how I like them. In the long term, I'll probably end up moving all four Tsi500s to the front stage and getting four high end surround bookshelf speakers.

BD/Media Player

  • Sony Playstation 3


  • Z-Line Vitoria 55" W TV Stand
  • IKEA LACK Side Tables

Laserdisc Player

  • Panasonic TX-121

Power Conditioner

  • APC H15


  • Onkyo TX-SR707 Receiver


  • 4x Polk Tsi500 (Fronts/Rears)
  • Polk CS20 (Center)
  • Hsu VTF3 Mk3 (Sub)

Stuff I need

  • Emotiva XPA-5 Amplifier
  • 2x Tsi200s (Front highs)


  • LG 55LH90