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Vintage Home Theater

Update 5/20/14: Well, back to Vintage. Thanks to ZLTFUL, I am now a proud owner of SDA2's. These things are amazing. Also added is an early Polk Monitor 7C. I have moved my RT55's to rear duty for now. I plan on replacing them with either a pair of RTA12's or SDA CRS's - still haven't decided which. Powering the SDA's is a Kenwood KM-894. Despite its low price, it's a pretty good little amp that seems to have more than enough power for the SDA's. At some point, I will replace it with an Adcom GFA-555 but for now, it's doing just fine. Update 8/15/13: I've done a little bit of rearranging. I've gotten rid of the RT16's and 7's :( and moved the RT1000P's up front and added a CS400i center speaker and RT35 surround speakers. I've also replaced my receiver and amp combo with the Pioneer VSX-53TX AVR. And last but not least, I've replaced my PSW-110 subwoofer with a SVS PB10-ISD(huge difference). I'm really enjoying this set up :) Update: I am no longer using Monitor series Polks. Regrettably, I sold them. But in their place, I now have a system that seems to be better suited for movies, which is what this rig is all about. I am now running RT16's, RT7 and RT1000p's. These also work better because I moved to a smaller place and having slimmer speakers helps maximize space as much as possible. I still miss the Monitors though. Perhaps in the future when I have the space again, I will opt for some SDA's. One can hope :)