Systems Showcase

Basement RTI A hometheatre

Theatre consists of two rooms. Only one is finished at this time. I started by framing / insulating the concrete wall. After that I covered the drywall with fabric frames containing OC 703. I should have worked on the second room right after I finished the first one. Now that I don't want to be without my theatre, I keep procastinating on finishing the equipment room.

Audio Gear

  • Marantz SR8001
  • Emotiva XPA-2 Fronts
  • Emotiva XPA-5: Center / Surrounds
  • Playstation 3
  • WDTV Live
  • Tivo HD


  • Fronts: 2xRTI A9
  • Center: CSI A6
  • Surrounds: 4xRTI A5
  • Subs: 2xDSW Pro 600


  • BenQ W6000 projector
  • 130" 16:9 DIY screen