Systems Showcase

Mikee's Stereo Set

This is my idea of what a simple stereo set should sound like for serious listening or for parties Rotel RCD06SE CD Player Rotel RA06SE Stereo Integrated Amplifier (as Preamp) Rotel RB1582 Stereo Power Amplifier Polk Audio LSi9 Bookshelves Accessories Cal's DIY Interconnects (CDP to Preamp), (Preamp to Power Amp) Sabre 24" Speaker Stands


  • 24" Stands for LSi9s
  • Cal's DIY Interconnects


  • Rotel RB1582 Power Amplifier
  • Rotel RA06SE Integrated Amp (as Preamp)


  • Rotel RCD06SE


  • Polk Audio LSi9