Systems Showcase

The Tropics

Here are a few pics of my system, along with a hand painted logo depicting the theme of this room. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy my TL's.


  • 56" Panasonic PT-56HX41 HDTV
  • Carver PM-1.5T Low End Amp
  • Carver PM-1200 High-End Amp
  • Pioneer CTF-900 Cassette Deck
  • JVC TD-W354 Dual Cassette Deck
  • Teac PD-D2380 5-Disc Changer
  • Yamaha HTR-5250 Natural Sound AV Receiver
  • DBX 3BX Range Expander
  • BSR EQ-3000 10 Band Equalizer w/Spectrum Analyzer


  • Polk Audio SDA-SRS 1.2 TL's (Mains and Home Theater Fronts)
  • Polk Audio RTA-8 TL's Rear Channel Speakers