Systems Showcase

Bursting at the seams

System is located in a 20 X 12 family room as well as outside on the deck and over the patio. Love playing the train wreck audio from the movie Super 8, the best soundtrack i have found so far. So many components, so little time and space.

Panasonic Viera 65 inch Plasma 3D HDTV, Surround Back (2) Polkf/x 500i, Surround (2) Polk fx 30i, Front (2) Polk Rti12, Center (1) Polk CS20, Powered Subwoofer Polk PSW450, Dining Room (2) Polk RTia1, Living Room (2) Polk R150, Outside (2) Polk Atrium 65SDI, Outside (2) Polk Atrium 45, Receiver Denon AVR-3808ci, Bi Amp Onkyo M282, CD Player (3) Sony CX455(400CDís in each), XM Polk XM Reference Tuner, Power Center Monster Power Pro Ė 3500, DVD Player (3) Sony DVP-CX005V (400DVDís in each), Blu-Ray Player (2) Sony BDP-S550 (400 Blu-Ray in each), Pioneer Elite Laserdisc Player, 3D Blu-Ray Player Panasonic DMP-B, Five pair speaker volume control, Ethernet Router keeps all equipment connected online