Systems Showcase


Magnavox CDP to Peter Daniels NOS DAC to Odyssey Candela linestage to Odyssey Stratos Stereo Plus PA to Polk SDA 2.3TL's modded

DIY Cables

  • CVH recipe braided Cat 5 speaker cables
  • CVH recipe Finesilver IC's-32awg solid core silver wires w/ eichmann silver bullets
  • CVH recipe Flavor 4 PC's
  • CVH recipe Flavor 2 PC's
  • IC for digital neotech silver cable with eichmann silver bullets

High Resolution Speaker Cable Filters (R-C network)

  • at amp outputs and speaker inputs 6 total for biwire

Power Amp

  • Odyssey Stratos dual mono with redboards, 120,000 uf per channel


  • Odyssey Candela Linestage, 2 amperex 7316 tubes


  • Magnavox CDB 650 CDP used as transport (old 1985 vintage!)
  • Peter Daniels NOS DAC


  • Polk SDA 2.3TL - Solen 10 awg 16 mH SDA inductors, Xover rebilt with sonicaps/mills, polyswitches removed, new Cardas BP's including for IC cable, 15 awg IC cable to 1000VA Dreadnought AI-1 interface, MW baskets dynamatted, RD-0198's installed, Hurricane nuts installed, Armaflex speaker gaskets, brass spikes, 3-4"stdips Black Hole installed on rear interior wall behind MW's and tweeters, interior of cabinets resealed with low VOC construction adhesive.
  • Velodyne CT-150 sub

Tweaks- misc.

  • clear and amethyst quartz crystals on PC plugs, sandwiching transformers