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SoCal Garage/Home Theater Setup

Hey guys, finally got around to taking some pictures of my garage/theater setup. Still not finished (need to put the carpet in and whatnot) but as a whole I'm happy how things have turned out. Seeing as I did all the construction myself, including wiring, hook up, hanging the screen, I think it looks pretty decent for a garage lol sorry about the lack of light in the pictures, even with 6 can lights my phone still wont take the awesome pictures I so wish it could. I tried to do things nice, but wanted it to be cost effective BECAUSE its a garage. And where I live city code says I still have to get a car in there if need be. When I initially started this my garage looked like one of those houses you see on the show "Horders". Junk packed to the brim in there, and everything needing to be throw away. When I finally got everything cleared out, I was able to see just how much work everything was going to take. Replaced the garage door, replaced and re-piped for a new water heater and washer/dryer set up, replaced a window and 9 foot glass door slider leading into the back yard. Took down the couple ceiling joists that were there and built a brand new ceiling with can lights and a drop down ladder so I could store stuff in the attic. Insulated everything, used 5/8th's drywall all the way around, and called it a day. Then a couple years later I got the HT bug and thought to myself "I need to make this a dedicated space." So I built out the wall a little in the front to run all my speaker wire and electrical, and then built a shelf system to hold on my goodies. Decided I wanted a darker color for the wall so ended up repainting, again. Even after all that was said and done, I wanted more. I was happy with my 47" TV for everyday use, but I wanted bigger for movies and sports. So I did my research and ended up buying an Epson 5020 projector. Didn't feel the need to spend 2k on a screen, so I tested my luck with buying a Monoprice 92" motorized screen. Both of which I'm completely happy with I might add. I wish I could have gotten a bigger screen (I still might lol) but seeing as I had to hang the screen off the the ceiling to miss the garage door rail, and off the back wall to miss the television and wall build out, I was kind of limited. But all and all I think it came out kinda neat for a DIY project.

Receiver - Pioneer SC-37 Mains - Polk TSI500's Center - Polk CS20 Surrounds - Infinity Flush In-Ceiling Mounted Sub - Polk PSW505 T.V. - Insignia 47" LCD Projector - Epson 5020UB Projector Screen - Monoprice 92" Motorized Matte White 1.0 Gain Blu-ray - Ps3 80gig Fat Gaming - Xbox360 12gig Fat w/HD DVD drive Broadcast - DirecTV HD DVR HR24 Vinyl Player - Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB Archived Movie Player - Pivos Aios w/1TB Drive Computer - Sabertooth z77 Board Intel i3770-k Chip Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 128g Solid State for Boot and Apps 1TB HDD for Games and Movies Win 7