Systems Showcase

update! added a pic of some old Polk speakers... hee hee hee!

This is my small system i've been putting together since about 1999. While it's not "all that". It does fine for where I am and what I like right now. It does impress family and friends when needed. Ha ha ha. Update: Also at the beginning of 2004 I replace my 27" Zenith with a brand spanking new 32" Zenith HDTV. De-lish looking! For now, i'm very happy with the sound and picture I get with this system. The external amps helped quite a bit to bring the most out of my small system.

2ch rig


  • Marantz SR5000 receiver
  • Samsung DVI output DVD player. Upconverts to near HD quality video
  • Toshiba SD3109 for HDCD and CD playback
  • California Audio Labs Tube DAC
  • Adcom 5400 2 ch amp 125wpc
  • 3 Marantz mono block amps 125w (each)
  • Dish network 501 receiver with hard drive
  • Marantz CC4300 5 disc CD player
  • 32" Zenith HDTV 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i


  • RT800i's fronts
  • CS400i center
  • FX/300i rears
  • SVS 20-39 subPCi