Systems Showcase

System wide Quality make the difference

Ever changing system featuring some TOP quality offerings in each area of the system. Unfortunately none of the current generation "flat panel" display technologies have convinced me to replace my trusty Sony 16x9 CRT to date.


  • Integra Research RDC-7
  • Integra Reserach RDA-7
  • Denon DVD-5910
  • ReplayTV 5080
  • Dish Network 811
  • Microsoft X-Box
  • Sony KV34HS510


  • Plateau MX-Series Equipment Rack
  • Ekornes Stressless Rio Reclining Leather Sofa
  • Ekornes Leather Ottoman with Cherry Insert

Speaker Cable/Interconnects/Controllers

  • No "Snake Oil" allowed, just quality DIY cables, Pronto TSU3000 LCD Remote, PCL Lighting with macro activated "scene" control.


  • Polk Audio LSI 9
  • Polk Audio LSI C
  • Polk Audio LSI F/X
  • Polk Audio LSI 7
  • Velodyne Digital Drive 15