Systems Showcase

Living room 5.1 system

Speakers are Lsi 25's and an Lsi C for the front soundstage, Lsi 9's for surrounds, and a psw 450 subwoofer. AVR is a Denon 5805 Mk2. Soon to come is an Emotiva xpr 5 to provide a more appropriate power supply to the lsi's.


  • X-Box 360 320g Halo 4 Edition, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Original Nintendo


  • Denon 5805 Mk2


  • Front soundstage: Lsi 25's, Lsi C Surrounds: Lsi 9's Subwoofer: PSW 450


  • Sony Bravia KDF-46E3000