Systems Showcase

Vintage Polk RTi/CSi 5.1

This collection of vintage Polk RT/CS series loud speakers has just been an absolute joy to own. Each piece is stout and robustly built with exceptional quality. I find that these speakers reproduce wonderfully rich warm sound that I find appealing. The finish of each black speaker is just marvelous. One attribute that I love about Polk and home theater is that speaker technology doesn?t become dated easily. I hand selected these speakers almost 12 years ago. They are just as excellent now as they were 12 years ago. I will match them up against any current model within their price range. Here is a list of the additional gear, which makes my humble 5.1 home theater experience possible. Harmon Kardon AVR7200 Flagship Receiver (10 years Old) Sony BDP-S550 Blue Ray Wireless DVD Samsung 55" C Series Plasma Monster HDP 1800 Power Center Logitech Harmony One Remote Xbox 360 Elite HSU 10" Sub

Blue Ray/dvd

  • Sony BDP-S550 Wireless

Control System

  • Logitech Harmony One


  • Samsung 55" C Series Plasma


  • Xbox 360 Elite


  • Hsu 10"


  • Harmon Kardon AVR 7200


  • CS400i (Center)
  • RT1000i (Main)
  • RTi28 (Surround)
  • Hsu 10" (LFE)

Surge Protection/Line Conditioner

  • Monster HDP 1800 Power Center