Systems Showcase

Basement Reno w/ In-wall/ceiling 7.1 System

A complete 13' x 20' basement renovation to include a fully-featured 7.1 in-wall/in-ceiling system featuring Polk speakers. Update - Dec 2012. Although it has been functionally complete for a few months now, the "Theatre Room" is now complete with final paint, stain, and clean-up. Merry Xmas to me!

Audio Visual

  • Panasonic 65" Plasma TC-P65VT30
  • Panasonic HD-3D Blu-ray Player DMP-BDT220
  • Yamaha 770W 7.1 Receiver RX-V571
  • Motorola DCX-3200 Digital HD Box


  • Polk RC-65i Front L+R (Wall)
  • Polk RC-60i Centre (Wall), Mid L+R (Ceiling)
  • Polk RC-65i Rear L+R (Wall)
  • Subwoofer - Yamaha YST FSW 100 compact 130W