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Taking advantage
of working for Polk Audio!

I was never interested in collecting films when all I had was a VCR. After all, VHS is usually edited and formatted "pan & scan" and I'd like to think of myself as a film "purist." DVD changed my collecting habits, and of course working at Polk Audio made it easier than ever to get into this stuff. Now I have the habit, and the home theater... My friends say, "Let's rent a movie and watch it at my house." And I say, "Let's rent a DVD and watch it AT MY HOUSE." And they never know what hit 'em!


  • Denon AVR-2700 Receiver
  • Panasonic DVD-A310
  • Panasonic PV-8661 VCR
  • Toshiba TW40H80 TheaterWide RPTV


  • Polk Audio RM6500 System


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