Systems Showcase

Great combination system

Between Yamaha, Denon, Polkaudio and Jamo For 11.2 surround system

Karaoke system

  • Digital Midi player Arirang: AR-3600
  • Mixer ampplifier: Boston PA-1100 II (Min 150w/channal x2)
  • Guinness Micro Wireless: MU-880i
  • Karaoke Speaker: Wharfedale 3910 (Max 350w/channel x2)
  • Karaoke subwoofer: Sony SA-90 (Max 90w)

Speaker for movie and music:

  • Front Speaker L&R: Polkaudio RTi A9 (Max 500w/channel x2)
  • Front Center Speaker: Polkaudio SCi A6 (Max 200w/channel x1)
  • Front presence Speaker L&R: Polkaudio RTi A3 (Max 150w/channel x 2)
  • Surround Speaker L&R: Polkaudio RTi A7 (Max 300w/channel x 2)
  • Surround back Speaker L&R: Polkaudio F/Xi A6 (Max 150w/channel x 2)
  • Rear presence Speaker L&R: Polkaudio RTi A1 (Max 125w/channel x 2)
  • Subwoofer: Jamo 650 (Max 650w/subwoofer x1) Polkaudio DSW Pro 660 WI (Max 800w/subwoofer x1)

Power Receiver:

  • Main Receiver: Yamaha RX-A3010 (Min 150w x 9), 11.2 pre-out channel. Current used: 7.2 Bi-amp
  • Second power: Denon AVC-3550 (Min 110W x 7) with 8 external in port. Current used 110w x 2 for front presence speaker and 110w x 2 for rear presence speaker