Systems Showcase

A (Polk) 7.1 Work In Progress . . .

I just started the process of building a new home audio system after purchasing a new Denon AVR 3805 for a great price. More of a hobbyist than an audiophile, this will be my first time building out a system, so thought I would document the progress here. The only stipulation - I'm trying to build the best system possible for the least amount of money in any way possible, and will document the cost of each item here on Polk's website. Any friendly advice is more than welcome! ceedubb2000

2006 Denon AVR 3805 7.1 125 Watt Receiver

2012 Samsung 1080P 60" Plasma SMART Ultra-Thin Flatscreen Television.

Polk r50 Floor Speakers (2)

Polk R300 Loudspeakers (2)

Polk Monitor 75T Loudspeakers (2)

Polk Monitor 50 Series II Loudspeakers (2)

Samsung BD D6500 Blu Ray Player (1)

LG BD 690 Blu Ray Player (1)