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My Polk Audio Obsessions

So here are my Polk Audio systems... The Home Theater in the living room consists of Polk LSi15s for front and RT/FXs as surrounds. The center is an LSiC. I am trying to find a way to incorporate my second pair of LSi15s as surrounds while trying to track down a pair of LSiFXs for side surround duty. The subs are a pair of Klipsch Synergy Sub10s. One is located in the front next to the left front LSi15. The second is located at the rear next to the sofa. I am currently debating swapping out the subs either altogether or for a pair of another subs. The Klipsch aren't bad at all for HT but I also use this system for music and concert Blu-Rays and they aren't the most musical of subs. For Blu-Rays, I use a Sony BDP-590. It is also SACD compatible so I also use it for music when entertaining sometimes. The streaming functionality of Pandora and Netflix on this BDP is superior than the other components in my system so it also serves that purpose as well. The xBox 360 is used solely for games and some minor web browsing. There is also a DirecTV Genie that serves an obvious purpose. Processing functions are handled by a Yamaha Aventage RX-A1000. It also handles feeding power to the RT/FXs. I have been very happy with the 1000 since upgrading to it from an RX-V673. Not a bad entry level AVR but it wasn't what I was looking for. The 1000 on the other hand has exceeded all of my expectations. Power to the front three speakers *MAY* be overkill. I am currently running 3 Adcom GFA-555s bridged to each of the front 3 speakers. Needless to say, the neighbors think that plane crash I just watched actually happened on their lawn. :-D The TV is a Vizio M650VSE. It has been calibrated by my buddy's shop. The picture is great for the environment we watch in and the 65 inch size when compared to the space it is in makes it a very good option. Having it above the fireplace worried me at first but with the distance the sofa is from the front of the room and the tilting mount, there is no noticeable neck strain watching for extended periods. Cabling is mostly Audioquest. Evergreen ICs, Forest HDMIs, Flex 14/2 and 14/4 speaker cables. The sub ICs are Monoprice ICs but I will most likely replace them with Blue Jean Cables custom sub ICs. Power cords are all stock. Movies are flat out amazing. Had a friend come over for a James Bond marathon yesterday and he said that he will never go to the movie theater again. LOL. Music is really dang good too for a dual duty system. My 2 channel system resides upstairs in our office. The room is smallish and it was a challenge to build some good system synergy. But in the end, I am VERY happy with what I ended up with. Speakers are Polk Audio RTA-15TLs. Crossovers have been upgraded with Solen caps, Mills resistors and Madisound Sidewinder inductors. All on standard perf board in a point to point style with the LF array on the bottom and the HF on top. Tweeters have been upgraded to RD0-198s. Baskets have been Dyamatted on the mids and passive radiators. The magnets have also been JB Welded. The next upgrade will be a set of Larry's rings. Power is provided by an AMC CVT-2030S tube hybrid amplifier. I had been running them on an Adcom GFA-555 but wanted a warmer sound. I was a bit hesitant at first because I knew little about the brand and I wasn't sure if 30wpc was going to cut it. But after conversations with a fellow Polkie (Thanks Enders), I decided to pull the trigger. I am very glad I did. The 4 EL34 tubes have absolutely no trouble driving the RTAs to ridiculous levels and do so with amazing clarity and zero harshness. Pre-amp duties started out with a NAD 3020. But I ran into some issues and got an offer from a local service tech to trade him for a 1020 that had all new caps, resistors and some upgrades to the phono section. So I gave him the 3020 and he gave me the 1020 and $150 in cash. The sound difference and options between the two are negligible in my system so I made out OK. Sources start with a Kenwood KD-550 turntable. This manual direct drive TT has a stock tonearm and wiring. I have 2 cartridges but have been using a Grado Green and keeping the Audio Technica ATU4020EP for backup. A Pioneer Elite DV-47A handles CD, SACD and DVD-Audio duties. I picked it up from a local audiophile buddy for $50. So far I have zero complaints or issues with it at all. Great CDP. I can also play lossless digital formats from my laptop with my Peachtree DACiT DAC. I have found myself though using the DAC less and less. Just personal preference more than anything else. I built the custom modular Zebrawood and Ambrosia Maple stands myself. They can be configured how they are in the picture or stacked on top of each other. Cabling here is also mostly Audioquest with Evergreen ICs and Flex series 14/2 speaker cables. Power cables are all stock currently. So far, I am extremely happy with the 2 channel system. I do have 3 other sets of matched tubes on the way so I can play around with rolling in other tube options. Other than that, my plans are to sit back and listen. Thanks for taking the time to read through and check out my systems.

Vizio M650VSE 65" LED Smart TV

Yamaha Aventage RX-A1000

xBox 360

Sony BDP-590

DirecTV Genie

NAD 1020

Pioneer Elite DV-47A

Peachtree DACiT

Kenwood KD-550 Turntable

AMC CVT-2030S Tube Hybrid

4x LSi15


2x RTA-15TL

2x Klipsch Synergy Sub10

Polk Audio DSW Micropro 2000