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Polk 7.1 starter system (Budget Friendly)

Growing up I would search through newspaper adds and garage sales for good deals on speakers. I found many great speakers at great prices but my sound system would never be as good as I would want it to be because my speakers would not be matched. I concentrated on good deals which is good but my speakers would be different sizes, have major differences in wattage, and would be from different brands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sold and gave away all of my speaker and component systems by the time I was 18 and instead purchased a bookshelf system. A few years passed by and my desire to build my ultimate home theater system came back. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I gave away my LG bookshelf system and began searching for my next home theater system. I searched online for home theater in a box systems and I found several good deals but I felt that I needed more. I utilized my previous sound system on a daily basis. It was used when watching TV, movies, playing video games, and listening to music. I felt that my next system should be capable of doing the same and more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My first purchase was an Onkyo HT-RC460 (7.2) receiver. This receiver is inexpensive and had all of the features that I was looking for. I didn't have any speakers at this time but one of the biggest reasons why I purchased this receiver was that I could expand it to a 7.1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I visited my neighborhood Fry's Electronics store and looked through their showcase while searching for speakers. I didn't have a large budget and I also wasn't planning on buying the speakers directly from Fry's. I simply wanted to be able to see and listen to various speakers in person. I used the demo machine to listen to the Polk Audio R300's and was pleased with the sound that was coming from the small form factor in those tower speakers. The price for these speakers was also great. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I later looked at reviews for the R300's and found that many Polk owners were very happy with these entry level speakers. I made up my mind to buy these speakers. I chose to buy them online because I found a great deal on them. These speakers are sold at a great price at many locations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I continued to build my home theater system around the R300's. I searched online and found a good deal for a center (CSR) and rear surround sound speakers (R150's). I decided to purchase these from Fry's because they were on sale. They are also using the same speaker technology that is found in the R300's. This means that the sound quality will be good all around. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I now had my front speakers (R300's), a center (CSR), and rear surround sound speakers (R150's). I was missing a sub. The bass coming from my existing speakers was very good even though the drivers are small but I felt I needed to get a subwoofer because I like the low frequency output that subwoofers can deliver. I chose to purchase a Polk (PSW10). This subwoofer packs a lot of power. I was very impressed with how clean it was able to deliver low frequencies at low, mid, and high volume. I really was impressed with the build quality of the enclosure. I tend to play my music loud from time to time and noticed that the subwoofer delivered rich bass without distortion from the enclosure. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I now have a 5.1 Polk Audio sound system. The system sounds great. The sound flows very well from the center and fronts to the surround sound speakers I have on the side. The Polk sub compliments the clean sound that the speakers generate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But wait... My receiver has room for more speakers. I really wanted to maximize my investment by adding the extra speakers that my Onkyo receiver was able to support. It was a bit difficult trying to find rear surround sound speakers that were the same or similar to my existing sound system. I didn't want to spend much money on these speakers either or make the size of my room look smaller by adding another pair of (R150's) as rear speakers. I did some research and found a pair of speakers that seemed to fit perfectly both in my room and in my existing speaker configuration. I purchased a pair of Polk Audio (OWM3) speakers. These speakers provide the depth that my sound system was missing and they were fairly inexpensive. I placed these speakers behind me. These speakers have different mounting points. I used the existing mounting holes to mount them behind and above the listening area. The speakers are essentially firing sound right at the listening area. The tweeters in these speakers are also as good as my other Polk Audio speakers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There you have it. You may search online for the speakers that were used to build this system as well as the receiver. I hope this information can help another user build an affordable starter system.

Polk R300 x2

Polk R150 x2

Polk CSR x1

Polk OWM3 x2

Polk PSW10

Onkyo HT-RC460

VideoSecu MS07B M99 x2 (Adjustable stands for the R150's)