Systems Showcase

Tom's HT

This is a pure dedicated HT room built from scratch. I did all the room mods and equipement install. All the sat and HT wire was also done by me. Inwall wire is 12/2. Cables are mostly Monster 2,3 or THX series. I have been completely happy withy this system over the years. I have only added a Blue Ray player to the system. It still amazes folks today. Future plans - Upgrade the Projector to a 1080P model ( not sure what brand yet) and update AV unit to a more current one running the latest HDMI audio Modes. Would also like to add some "true" HT seating.


  • Yamaha RX-V2400
  • Sharp BlueRay player
  • Proscan Laser disk
  • Yamaha LPX-500 LCD
  • Carada 92" widescreen
  • Pure AV P40


  • Polk RT2000i front
  • Polk CS400i Center
  • Polk RT55i Surround
  • Polk RT25i Rears
  • Velodyne CT150 servo sub