Systems Showcase

Middle of the Road in Madera

Two years ago, I went and got a DVD player, a Polk CS245 center channel speaker, and digtial receiver for a family Christmas present! (Yeah, right!) Our HT at the time was an old prologic receiver and a stereo VCR, with a 26" stereo TV, a Yamaha powered center channel speaker, old Infinity Qb's for the front, and a small pair of JBL speakers for the surrounds. Well, after watching letterbox movies on the 26" from 11 feet away, the spouse says, " That TV is getting too hard to see, we should get a bigger one." Off to the local electronics store, and Puff!, our TV grew to a 53" RPTV! Darn, now we had to get a new entertainment center to fit it in too! Get it all set up and the spouse now says, "Those old speakers are too big, we need to get some new ones!" Back to the electronics store, with her being more budget minded than me, we start listening to the speakers in the room, and turn on the Polk R40's. They sounded great, and the price was right, as well as meeting the SAF! Grabbed a pair of RT15i's for the usurrounds, and now have a very good sounding, timbre matched HT! With the addition of the SVS 25-31PC subwoofer, our movies always impress the visitors as well as us.


  • A/V Reciever: Sony STR-DE845
  • DVD Player: Sony DVP-S550D (using digital coax for audio)
  • Cassette Tape Unit: Technics M63 3-head deck
  • Video Cassette Unit: Sony SLV-760HF


  • Fronts: Polk Audio R40s
  • Center: Polk Audio CS245
  • Rears: Polk Audio RT15Is
  • Sub: SVS 25-31PC


  • Sony KP53V80 Rear Projection TV