Systems Showcase


My ER is about 10'X14' room (not too big for RT 1000's) but I installed some really good acoustical panels on the ceiling and walls. I am not using any extra subs for now since my 1000's are doing the job.

Aura Bass Shakers

  • (4) 25-watts each (installed under love seat)

Monster Power/Cable

  • HTS-5000 Reference Power Center
  • HTS-1000 Surge/Power Conditioner
  • AV-600 Surge Protector
  • "Z" series monster cable (for fronts and center)
  • "XP" series THX certified (for sorrounds)


  • VSX-35 THX 7.1 Elite Receiver (the work horse)
  • VSX-95 Elite Receiver (use for rear back sorround)
  • DV-05 THX Elite DVD Player
  • CLD-880 LD/CD-G (use for Karaoke)
  • PDF-1007 301-Disc CD Changer
  • MA-9 Mic Mixer (use for Karaoke)
  • VS-60 A/V Selector (use for Nintendo Gamecube)
  • CTWM-626 6-Cassette Player

Polk Audio

  • CS-1000p (for center)
  • (3) Rt 1000's (2 for fronts and 1 extra for 3 channel stereo)
  • (4) M3II for sorrounds




  • 32" TV

Trans Auido

  • 1600 (use to play "old time faves")


  • EQ-70 Equalizer