Systems Showcase

Scooby Sounds

What started out as a small entertainment system ended up turning into a major deal. I had settled on smaller gear @ first, but ended up having to go with the bigger of the Polk speakers because of the incredible sound. LOL for the record I am not complaining... I am in love with this set-up, It pounds out movies like your actually there, and music is warm and realistic. The Integra gear seem to match well with the Polk speakers. When we watch a movie, it's not hard to forget we're in our own living room! I am new to the world of Polk, but I am a fast learner!

Speaker Setup

  • Polk Audio RTi70 - Fronts
  • Polk Audio CS400i - Front Center
  • Polk Audio F/X300i - Rear Surrounds
  • Polk Audio CS245i - Rear Center
  • Polk Audio PSW450 - Earth-Shattering Subwoofer