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Apartment Living Done Right

My apartment is pretty soundproof, at least from my neighbors. My walls are cinder block and the ceilings are concrete as well. The only original speakers in my system that I've had from the beginning are my RT16's, which were almost replaced with the RT3000p's (that only lasted a week though). The system that started with me from early 1996 consisted of my RT16's, a CS200, and Boston Acoustic VRS Surrounds with an Infinity BU-2 Sub. My upgrade fever started July of '02 when I had a tonsilectomy and was cooped up here for a few weeks when I discovered this site. Because of you people(not complaining), I have bought F/X1000's, a PSW1200, and a CS1000p, along with an extra set of RT16's for future usage. Up until last month (April '03), I had been running my Onkyo TX-SV727 receiver. Kind of made owning 350+ DVD's pointless, but I liked that thing..... Most recent changes have been the B&K AVR307, and then drilling out my TV Stand with the appropriate holes in the back to seperate the power and audio cables. Because I can't stand unfinished holes, I searched for grommets for the holes I drilled (1.5" holes) and will be installing them when I replace my speaker cables in a week or so (that's also when I'll clean up the cable mess behind the TV). I also installed a couple of fans into the cabinet to let the 307 breathe properly, which has cut down on heat build-up substantially. Lemme know what y'all think.


  • TV : Mitsubishi 40" Tube
  • Receiver : B&K AVR307
  • DVD : H/K DVD50
  • CD Player/Recorder : H/K CDR26
  • VCR : Toshiba (last used circa '00)
  • CD : Onkyo DX-C530


  • Fronts : RT16
  • Center : CS1000p
  • Surrounds : F/X1000
  • Sub : PSW1200
  • Extras : Infinity BU-2 Sub
  • 2nd set of RT16's