Systems Showcase

The Grim Cinemas...

Been doing a few upgrades here and there with the most noticeable being the JVC projector upgrade (Thanks Sherardp). Many thanks goes out to all of you guys for just posting your thoughts and reviews on all your gear which has lead me to my equipment choices. Think most of this gear is here to stay. Some of my upcoming projects will be painting the ceiling flat black (something I should have done from day one) and possibly removing the ceiling fan up front and redoing to screen wall to accommodate a larger screen. Who knows, I may strip the entire room and start from scratch. Rob

A/V Equipment

  • Projector: JVC, DLA-HD1
  • Screen: Elite 92" Fixed Screen
  • Pre/Pro: Pioneer SC-07
  • Amplifier: Outlaw 7700
  • Source: Comcast S.A. Exployer 8300HD DVR
  • HD-DVD Player: Toshiba HD-XA2
  • Blu-Ray: Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD
  • Velodyne SMS-1, Subwoofer Management System
  • Monster Power HTS 5100 Reference Power Center


  • XBOX 360


  • Signal Cables


  • Harmony ONE


  • Front Main: RTi70's (Bi-wired)
  • Center: CSi40 (Bi-wired)
  • Side Surrounds: FXi30's
  • Rear Surrounds: RTi28's
  • Subs: (Dual) SVS PB12-Plus/2's (20Hz. tuned)