Systems Showcase

My Pride and Joy!

Pics are kinda old, I am too lazy to snap new pics, but overall they are somewhat still accurate. having paired REL Storm III with LSi15 for my two-channel system, I am extremely satisfied with the way it sounds now.

Amplifier and Sources

  • Krell 400xi Integrated Amplifier - 400 watts @4 ohms (System II)
  • Pioneer APL Mod DV563 Universal 2 channels (System II)
  • Yamaha KX-R730 Cassette Deck (System I)
  • Gemstone Blue Diamond 7 channels - 400 watts @ 4 ohms (System I)
  • B&K Reference 50 S2 Pre/Pro (System I)
  • Philips APL Tube Mod SACD-1000 (System I)
  • Denon DVD 3800 (System I)
  • Pioneer Elite DVD DV-37 (System II)
  • Nakamichi CR-3A 3 Heads Cassette Deck

Cables, Interconnects, etc.

  • Signal Cable MagicPower Cord
  • Signal Cable Analog Two Interconnects
  • Signal Cable Biwire Speaker Wire
  • Signal Cable Premium XLR Balanced Interconnects
  • Monster Cable M550i Interconnects
  • Monster Cable Toslink
  • Monster Cable Digital Coax Interlink
  • Monster Cable M1000CV Components
  • Monster Cable S14-R4-CL Biwire Speaker Wire
  • Acoustic Research Component Cable
  • Panamax 5500 Line Conditioner
  • Radio Shack Multichannels 5.1 Switcher
  • Signal Cable Analog Two with Eichmann Bullet Plugs
  • MIT S3 Shotgun 8ft biwire (System II)
  • Transparent Musiclink Plus Interconnect (System II)
  • Transparent Component cable (System II)
  • PS Audio Ultimate Outlet High Current 15A (System II)


  • Pioneer Elite HD-PRO520 HDTV
  • Sony DirecTV SAT-HD200 Receiver


  • LSi9 - Front/Main
  • LSiC - Center
  • LSiFx - Surrounds
  • LSi7 - Surrounds Back
  • REL Storm III subwoofer (System II)
  • LSi15 - Main (System II)
  • Velodyne DD-15 subwoofer (System I)
  • Sonus Faber Cremona