Systems Showcase

The Goomba's Hideout

Here is my valent attempt to sqeeze a 5.1 Home Theater system into a 13'x11' bedroom. System is a mix of gear I've collected over the years. Most recent additions are the Polk speakers and the Rotel receiver & CD player.


  • Rotel RSX-1055 Receiver
  • Rotel RCD-1070 CD Player
  • Toshiba SD-4700 DVD-V/A Player
  • Sony SLV-788HF VCR
  • M$ XBOX Game Console
  • Sony KV-27S26 27" Trinitron TV
  • Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy 2
  • Panamax MAX 5100 Power Center
  • Custom DIY FleXy Rack

Future Upgrades

  • Stereo Power Amplifier (Rotel RB-1070 or RB-1080)
  • HDTV 16:9 Plasma, LCD, Projection, or Projector
  • DIY Interconnects
  • DIY Speaker Wire
  • TiVo?

Interconnects and Speaker Wire

  • IXOS 6007P & 6003P Bi-Wired (Mains & Center)
  • 16 Gauge RCA OFC (Surrounds)
  • Acoustic Research Performance Series Interconnects (Audio & Video)
  • Radio Shack FusionAV Interconnects (Audio)
  • SignalCable Analog Two's
  • SignalCable Subwoofer Cable (Analog Two)
  • SignalCable SPDI/F Digital Coax Cable


  • Polk RTi70 Mains (bi-wired)
  • Polk CSi40 Center (bi-wired)
  • Polk RT35i Surrounds
  • Polk PSW-404 Subwoofer