Systems Showcase

The Cole Home Theater

My favorite room in the house. These pictures did not convey the great picture my tweaked Panasonic delivers in High Definition. I will have to work on my camera settings and repost.


  • AVR: Yamaha HTR-5590
  • PS DVD: Yamaha DV-C6480
  • HDTV: Panasonic PT-53WX42
  • HDR: Dish Network 811
  • Power: Panamax MAX 5100
  • Remote: Pronto Neo
  • IC's: IXOS "Gold" & Gamma spkr wire


  • Mains: Polk RT55 (Bi-wired)
  • Center: Polk CS400 (Bi-wired)
  • Rear surrounds X3: Polk RT25
  • Sub: SVS 20-39 PC+