Systems Showcase

A Clemson Apartment

I have waited a long time for this system. I had researched and knew what speakers I wanted to buy for two years now, but was not able to afford them until I worked last semester. Use my setup mainly to watch tv and listen to MUSIC (and piss the neighbors off!), but I also watch the occasional dvd and of course, college football!


  • Panasonic 53" 16:9 Projection HDTV
  • Yamaha HTR-5460 receiver
  • Yamaha CDM-900 110+1 Disc cd changer
  • Panasonic DVD-CV50 5 Disc dvd changer
  • Samsung SIR-S75 DirecTV receiver
  • cd3o network mp3 player
  • Sony RM-AV3000 Universal Remote with touchscreen lcd


  • Mains: rt800i's
  • Center: CS400i
  • Surround: rt600i
  • Sub: PSW650