Systems Showcase

the movie lounge

Here's my theater. it has changed a lot recently, but i think it will stay like this for a while. I'm very happy with its performance. Criverajr will recognize some of the equipment :-) ---update 6/5/06, added pics of the LSi series theater speaks. I had to know it would come to this. A great line from Polk that performs superbly in this theater setting. I have used the LSi9's and 15's in the 2 channel in the recent past and loved them there as well. since I was only a center channel away from a full LSi soundstage, I had to do it. Thanx AGAIN to Criverajr (Carlos) for busting his ass to get me the center (long story :-) ). I also recently went the all tube route in my 2 channel rig, I have learned that for music, tubes are a good thing as Martha Stewart would say. With the Bozak Symphonies I picked up, the 2 channel rig looks pretty old school (of course, thats because it is pretty much old school)-----6/26/06 pics added (2 channel)

Theater Electronics

  • Outlaw 950 pre/pro
  • Onkyo DV-S535 DVD player
  • Carver m4.0t amp
  • 2X M200 Outlaw Monoblocks (biamped to the center
  • Rotel RB980 to the surrounds
  • Monster HTS 3600 Power Center

Theater Speakers

  • Polk LSi15 mains
  • Polk LSiC center
  • Polk LSi9 surrounds
  • Shiva sub in a 142.5L DIY Box (500W plate amp)
  • HSU STF-2 sub (rear sub)

2 channel

  • Anthem Pre2l Tube Pre
  • Anthem Amp 1 tube amp
  • Jolida JD 100 CD player (EI elite 12ax7) tubes)
  • Bozak Symphony speakers
  • Nordost Solar wind and Goertz Silver interconnects. (Unity Solid Links on the way)
  • Anticables speaker cables