Systems Showcase

My "Living Theater"

Until the basement is finished (and funds permit), my living room is / will continue to be my home theater. I have slowly but surely upgraded a lot of my equipment, but have come to realize that there's always room for improvement. That being the case, my next piece of gear will definitely be an SVS product! For now, though, I am satisfied with what I've got. Edit 5/29/07- SVS firmly in place, finally. NOW I'm satisfied with what I've got!...for now.

Audio/Video gear

  • Denon AVR-2106
  • Technics SL-MC7 110 disk CD changer
  • Denon DVD-1920
  • Sci. Atlanta Explorer 8300HD Digital Cable box with DVR (LOVE this thing!)
  • Samsung VR8607 HiFi VCR
  • ILO DVD recorder- nice for backing up DVR
  • Samsung PCN5425R 54" HDTV


  • 2 - R50 (mains)
  • 1 - CSi30 (center)
  • 2 - FX500i (surrounds)
  • 1 - SVS PB12- NSD/2 (LFE)

Surge Prot. / Cables / Misc.

  • Monster HTS-800 power center
  • Monster Standard 16ga. speaker wire
  • Monster THX Sub400 (LFE to subwoofer)
  • 2 - Monster THX Ultra600 Comp.Video (DVD & Cable)
  • Monster THX I400 - all audio interconnects
  • AR DA071 Digital Audio Coax
  • 2 - Phoenix Gold DTx-510 FiberOptic (CD & DVD)
  • Sauder Oak finish cabinets ( A/V & computer)
  • AMD Athlon 1Ghz PC w/DVD Burner >200 DVDs + !!

Temp. basement rig

  • Technics SADX-930
  • Pioneer PL-2 TT (resurrected last year)