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my system

I bought this system piece by piece.Started out with the RT 2000i's and they really did the job.But I wanted something a HT system,so I ran down to the dealer and asked him what I should buy to compleate the system..He replied gently: do you want to "take off", or just have something ok..?..what's the ok stuff , I asked.RT15i's in the back and and a cs 245 he said..And the "take off" package..? RT35i's and the CS400i center combined with the Marantz SR7200 that delivers 7x110W..? price..? I asked..never mind that,gonna give you "special price"..So I took both of the systems home,and tried them out for a week..well..I ended up with the "take off " package..broke but satisfied..:))

Amp and dvd

  • Marantz SR7200 ( reciever)
  • Marantz DV6200 (dvd player.)


  • Monster M-series


  • Canon LV S3


  • Polk Audio RT2000i ( front )
  • Polk Audio CS400i ( center )
  • Polk Audio RT35i ( rear )
  • Audio Pro avantek 9 ( sub)